Yuri Kalendarev

Project for Watertower Louisville, USA. ANTIFOUNTAIN. Collection Stef Wertheimer, Museum Kfar Vradim, Tefen, Galilee, Israel.

Blue Quarzite

Approx. 1,5 tonn


Here, in the case of the historical waterworks on the banks of the Ohio River, Yuri Kalendarev integrated sounds into his working concept for the first time, so that the list of materials of this work reads as follows: “Historic Site, Kentucky Field Rocks (approx. 20 tons), Blue Quarzite (approx. 1,5 tons), Kentucky Blue Grass, Water, Resounding Sound (Samuel Barber, Adagio for Strings)”.  


Hans Gercke, 

Heidelberger Kunstverein, Germany